We are inviting you to apply for participation at the 5th International Journalism Students’ Festival, “On the Record”, which will take place in Novi Sad, September13-15, 2019.

Following categories will be represented at the festival:

  1. a) TV packages up to 10 minutes long
    b) Radio packages up to 10 minutes long
    c) Online stories (including multimedia content)

International expert jury will award festival prizes. The jury will consist of three prominent journalists from the region. First, second and third prizes as well as the audience prizes will be awarded in all three festival competition categories.


Each education institution can apply with a few student packages. Individual students can apply with only one package/story per competition category.

Application deadline is no later than September 1, 2019.

Application form https://forms.gle/Kfk1PDMsHXu77Smt5 should be filled in electronically. Online stories should be sent to the following e-mail address: on.the.record021@gmail.com. Audio and video packages can also be sent electronically through selected file hosting service (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)

Applications can be submitted by students/authors, mentors and universities.

Packages/stories competing for prizes cannot be more than 2 years old. Organizers have the right to publicly present all packages and stories in accordance with the festival needs, defined in the festival application form. Organizers will not charge any fee to festival participants.

Festival organizers maintain the right to publicly present all packages and stories received for festival promotion and presentation purposes. After the festival, packages and stories may be published and/or aired by one of the media outlet sand/or the “University Department” multi-media portal, in agreement with festival organizers.

If one of the packages/stories is awarded a festival prize, author(s), when applying for the festival, take up on themselves the commitment to participate in the award ceremony. Should the award recipient be prevented from attending, the recipient has the obligation to inform festival organizers in a timely manner.

Festival organizers will cover lodging and meals for selected participants. Participants will cover transportation costs themselves.